The School

What kind of school is this? This is the kind of school children run towards each morning!

The EcoVillage school opened the first classrooms in the fall of 2014.  Today it serves 290 students from the 6 EcoVillages and surrounding rural area, teaching preschool through 7th grade.  A new grade is added each year as classrooms are built. When this phase is completed, it will meet the standards to qualify as a “fundamental school,” with 9 classrooms: Preschool through 8th grade. 

Partners provide capital funding to construct buildings and buy furniture, as well as operational funding, including salaries, supplies and food for children.

The above Google Earth view of the EcoVillage school and the nearest of 6 EcoVillages can be viewed by clicking on the map. Since this photo was imaged, additional classrooms have been added, along with a kitchen, cafeteria, cistern and kitchen garden. The main road is National Highway 3.


The teachers and principal are fully certified and the school meets all the standards of the Haitian Ministry of Education.  Classes follow the curriculum established by the Ministry and are taught in the language of the children –Kreyol (Creole).


The school has met the standards required for the school to earn financial support of the Ministry, as required by the Haitian constitution.  Presently, parents contribute through volunteer labor but will be required to shoulder greater responsibility in the future. MPP provides project management for construction and financial supporting.  A board of parents, with oversight from MPP, governs the school.


Kids must be fed to learn.  Parent volunteers cultivate a large kitchen garden and prepare meals for the kids in a recently constructed cafeteria.  Irrigation is provided through a well and cistern that helped the garden survive a nasty drought in 2016.  The children’s prayer before each meal:

Bless this food. Bless the hands who prepared it. Bless those who have no food.

This prayer impacts visitors, for we know that these children know hunger and they know where the food comes from because they help grow it.

Become a Friend of the EcoVillage School

St. Joseph School (Herndon, Virginia)  Look for students proudly wearing new uniforms donated by St. Joseph.

Hess Academy (Decatur, Georgia)  Hess and EcoVillage School kids exchanged art depicting their lives.  Art from Decatur now hangs in the EcoVillage School and vice versa.

Chefs4Kids Donated sewing machines and fabric to provide for the first school uniforms.  The machines are the basis for a new micro-business as parents learn to produce clothing for the local market.