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Who are we?

We are the Haiti EcoVillage School Partnership, partners with MPP and UUSC, working together to build a sustainable, nationally-recognized school in the EcoVillages of Haiti.

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Join us to build the school.

There are many ways to get involved.  Follow us and decide how you want to participate.

What do we do?

We build connections to build a school in the EcoVillages. We raise funds, raise understanding, and find new partners here and in Haiti.

Thank you! Flavors of Haiti was a great success.

Read here what one guest shared after her first Flavors of Haiti dinner.

Some snapshots from an evening of fun and celebrations!

My School is in the EcoVillages,
a picture book with translations in Kreyol, French and English, shares the story of the EcoVillage school.
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