Make Natural Insecticide, Build a Tire Garden and Meet Mark Hare!

Meet Mark Hare, PCUSA Mission Worker

He speaks 4 languages, has a Master’s Degree in agronomy from Michigan State University and he’s our guy in Haiti.  In his 20 years as a Peace Corps volunteer and PCUSA mission worker, he has acquired a deep understanding of the connections between small farmers, ecology, nutrition and demonstrating Christ’s love for the poor people of the world. He has improved the lives of thousands of poor families by showing them how to grow super-nutritious food in a small place. He has a lot to teach us, too, about how we can improve our lives and the world around us.

Saturday, October 10, 12:00-2:00. 

North Decatur Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

(611 Medlock Road, at intersection with Scott Bldv.)  

The gathering will feature 

·         Free Haitian meal (beans and rice, plantains, baguette, tropical fruit) that incorporates moringa, the world’s most nutritious plant.  If you don’t know moringa, come learn how it can improve your health.

·         Demonstration of how to build a tire garden, including how to convert waste into rich soil.

·         Hands-on lesson in how to make natural insecticide that keeps the bugs – and the chemicals – away.

·         Chance to meet others from the Atlanta Church Group who are building a school in the Haitian EcoVillages.

For more info, email