"DO NOT TRAVEL" is the warning given by the US Dept of State about going to Haiti.  I am paying particular attention to these warnings as we have a group of 10 people planning to go to Haiti in April, 2019.   This is the same warning that the State Dept gives about travel to places like Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

Why such as strong warning about traveling to Haiti?  It is not surprising if you don't know about the political unrest in Haiti.  The only US newspaper that consistently covers events in Haiti is the Miami Herald presumably because of the large Haitian population in South Florida.

There have been a number of protests in Haiti of late.  Some protests were violent and some people have died.  On the 33rd anniversary of democracy in Haiti, opponents of the current president, Jovenel Moise, staged protests about continued political corruption, fuel shortages and rising inflation.  The protesters want the president to resign but he is unwilling to do so.  He is determined to finish his 5 year term as the country's leader. 

The people who suffer most from these events are the people we seek to help.  Without groups traveling to Haiti, many important mission projects are put on hold.  Local people who get income from helping foreign groups will go without that extra income.

We continue to plan for our trip in April in the hope that it will be safe for travel by then.  We rely on  our friends who live in Haiti to let us know what it is truly like there.   After weeks of unrest, things seem to be settling down.  One of our friends reports "life is back to normal again".   So, about that State Dept warning, it's important but it's not the only factor we consider in our decisions about travel.  

We ask for your prayers for good decisions concerning our travel, a successful mission journey whenever it can take place and for political and economic stability for the people of Haiti.

submitted by C. Calia