Growing relationships while growing gardens

Notes from Haiti as written by Bailey

God works in mysterious ways.  Blessings appear when least expected.  We are, and have been, surprised by grace at almost every turn during our very full days in Haiti on the Central Plateau. 

Our partners MPP and the primary School of the EcoVillages welcome and trust us.  They anticipate our questions, our reservations, our skepticism, our reluctance, as well as our openness, our love and our support. They admit their mistakes and the difficulties and complexity of our common enterprise of relocating urban dwellers displaced by the earthquake to the rural agrarian expanses of the Central Plateau.

Bailey in garden.jpg
Robert,Becky, D'ifficile, MPP agronomist, Bailey, villager.jpg

We stand shoulder to shoulder, sharing educational materials and methods, taking photos and making videos, connecting through common daily activities, educational moments, digging, fertilizing, watering and planting together seedlings in the School garden.

We are making new friends and enriching existing friendships.

We are brainstorming together about growing and improving the primary School and the EcoVillages, adult education, rainwater harvesting, micro-financing of cottage industries. 

We are truly blessed to be connecting with our sisters and brothers in Haiti.  I appreciate this opportunity and our churches that support this collaboration.  Thank you.