Holiday Livestock and Seed Gift Program



Give a Goat. Help the EcoVillages families support their children's education!

What better way to make Christmas meaningful than with a gift from Seeds

of Hope?  You can be a part of a growing holiday tradition by investing in a

sustainable future for the families of the EcoVillage School in Haiti.

Instead of material items, choose to honor your friends and loved ones with

gifts that help struggling Haitian families provide for their children's

education.  Every goat or bag of seeds given by you this Christmas is an investment in

helping the EcoVillage families grow their crops and livestock, with the

proceeds going towards covering the operating costs of the school. 

2015 Goal

2 Male Goats per Village; 1 Goat per Family = 12 Male Goats and 60 Female Goats

Thank You!

Here's are examples of how your gifts will be spent. 

$1000    Dairy Cow

$ 650    Stud Male Hybrid Goat

$ 350    Male Smaller Goat

$ 120     Female Hybrid Goat

$100      Seed Kit - with tools

$ 20       Bag of Seeds

You can click the Donate button below to access the paypal site.  All donations are processed through our member church and go directly to support this program in Haiti. If you would like to make a specific donation, please email your wishes to  Thanks for making wishes come true!