Enterprising Farmer

Carel Sinfinice lives in village 4. At the end of our visit to the school gardens on day 2 (Wednesday), Carel chased us down to invite us to come see his farm. 

He took us to the Community Center where the floor was covered with recently harvested peanuts.

We also saw wooden beehive boxes presumably used for honey production and pollination of the vegetable garden. Then Carel proudly showed us a mature cassava field that he cultivates. Next to that was a MPP moringa project nursery protected by a fence and roof.

Carel also has built a pig pen where we saw a female and 6 piglets.  He said that he recently sold a pig to pay school fees for his three older children who are attending university.

Carel is married to Annette who works as the Kitchen manager at the EcoVillage school.  They have six children.  Their fortitude proves that people in the villages can provide more than a subsistence living for their families.


by Chris Calia