Bridging worlds with art

Art is such an exciting and accessible way for people of all cultures and backgrounds to share their stories.  We are now in the process of implementing a very creative art project in our Atlanta churches and schools.  This project aims to allow young people in Atlanta and Haiti to share information about their lives, struggles, and dreams through drawing and conversation.  The work is now underway in Atlanta!  What an honor to be present as our young people in Atlanta tell their stories through art!  When we watch the children work on their art, and talk with them about their gifts and talents, we see the start of a bridge between these young people and their new friends in Haiti.  Thus far I have already heard stories about the significance of family connections, dreams fostered by a supportive adult's love, and how God brings happiness to those who love others.  It is our hope that these art pieces and heartfelt conversations will become the basis for a fresh experience of compassion across Atlanta and Haiti.  However, the work has just begun.  We can't wait to see what else God has in store! 

Kristy Gordon