Persistent hope

Notes from Pat about his time in Haiti

Here we go again, my 5th trip. Emotions bubble over as I travel thru the Haitian countryside. Anticipation, apprehension, worry about results are met with hospitality, honesty, openness , and determination. Our Haitian partners have accepted that our task to build a school in the EcoVillages and to make it sustainable is a real challenge. MPP and the EcoVillage School Partnership have developed a trust with each other that is both rare and special.

During this trip we were given freedom to interact with and question students, teachers, parents, and agricultural support staff. We also had opportunity to wander through the villages and survey progress and talk to the villagers.

Pat with kids in field.jpg

This trust and transparency give us hope that the challenges of a 10-month drought and a growing student population of about 300 can be addressed and tackled with success.

My concept of time is turned upside down in Haiti. My routines of timely meetings, weekly scheduled bike rides and getting the groceries in time for the week don’t apply in Haiti. The Haitian people struggle with day to day issues that we cannot imagine in our US homes. They face their difficulties with perseverance and patience. I could picture myself giving up if I faced similar problems. Not in Haiti!

MPP, the EcoVillagers, the parents and the students say, “Pat we will succeed. Our school will succeed!”

The changes seem slight. What doesn't change is the people's continuing to struggle without giving up.