2015 Atlanta Church Group Plans and Goals

The School.  Plans call for the completion of a 3rd classroom which will allow for the expansion of grades and teachers in a split-day structure.  They expect an enrollment of 100+ students starting in September.  Plans are under way to engage parents in supporting the school through tuition and volunteering.  The big push this year will be the development of agricultural infrastructure that will in time turn the surrounding land into a profitable farm that both feeds children school lunches and funds the school.

Budget.  A $90,000 budget has been approved by MPP, ACG and UUSC. It will provide for construction of the third classroom and operational funds for the 2015-16 school year.  Significantly, it invests heavily to develop a farm that can provide a long-term funding stream, a top priority for both ACG and UUSC.


·      ACG proposes to raise $45,000 in 2015.

·      To accomplish this will require additional partners and contributors – with a goal of engaging 3 more churches and increasing on the 100 individual donors.

·      We plan two mission trips: one April 11-18 jointly with UUs and one in the fall. 

·      We have launched a search for potential grants. 

·      We will use the website for internet-based outreach.

Structure. ACG has organized into committees led by co-chairs:

·      ACG Organizing:          Chris Calia, GSPC and Gordon French, NDPC

·      Partner Outreach:         Brian McWilliams, EPC and Pat Murphy, NDPC

·      Mission Trip Planning:   Paul Ferre, GSPC and Scott Grosse, EPC

·      Fund Raising:                Becky Evans, NDPC and Edward Ramos, GSPC

·      Accounting:                   Linda Curry, NDPC

·      Web design:                  Carolyn French, NDPC

Partnerships.  A key part of our mission is to live the gospel in all that we do by building relationships here and in Haiti.  A gathering in February will allow members of the participant churches to meet one another and to invite others who have an interest to learn about our work.  As we send groups to the EcoVillages, we intend to build relationships with Christians there with whom we might collaborate in teaching, learning and mission work together.