Group prepares to travel to Haiti

On Saturday, April 11th, five members from the Atlanta Church Group will travel to Haiti for a week to support the people of the EcoVillages and the school we are building with them.  They are:  Stephen Konigsberg and Russ Weekley from Good Shepherd Presbyterian,  Scott Grosse from Emory Presbyterian and Jennifer Ayres and Becky Evans from North Decatur Presbyterian. 

This is an interfaith trip with members of the Unitarian-Universalist church, who are our partners in the school building project.  They will be making vital connection with our Haitian partners at MPP and in the EcoVillages. In the process, they will actually work on building the school itself!   

Follow them this week through their posts and photos here and on our Facebook page Haiti EcoVillage School.  They will bring us stories about the people and our new school.